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Ancestral Realm Tours With Nigel Breen
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  Ancestral Realms - Sacred Sites Sacred Site visits - Cornwall and the South West of England with expert guide Nigel Breen.

Visits to sites that date back to the Neolithic and Mesolithic period which include Stone Circles, Bronze Age barrows, Ancient Healing Wells and Iron Age Hill Forts.

During the day we will have discussions on The Ancient Mysteries which include: Celtic Mythology, King Arthur, Faerie Lore, Our Pagan Ancestors, Other Worldly Dimensions and Legends of Atlantis and Lyonesse.

Over the last decade there has been a far greater media interest in Ancient Myths and Legends, including Paganism, The Celts, and Fairy Lore, and the most famous of legends; King Arthur and The Knights of the Round Table, The Holy Grail, Avalon (Glastonbury) and Lyonesse in the far West of Cornwall.

Recently, physicists world-wide, have begun to question the possibility of the existence of a parallel and multidimensional universe. Not more than a decade ago this subject would have been considered as being in the realms of science fiction.
Glastonbury Tor - Somerset
Glastonbury Tor - Somerset
The Merry Maidens Stone Circle - Cornwall
The Merry Maidens Stone Circle - Cornwall
Did the builders of the stone circles and ancient monuments such as Avebury, Silbury Hill, Stonehenge, Boscawen-Un, Merry Maidens, The Hurlers etc know more than we credit them for? I believe so; they would have to have had a good knowledge of astronomy and geometry to enable them to attain perfect solar and lunar alignments to build them. It seems evident that the natural instincts area of their brain would have been better used than ours today and they would have been more in tune with nature and the planetary forces.

So did they have a better awareness of other dimensions and The Earth’s magnetic fields? Are the sites where these monuments were built, possible portals to reach other/parallel worlds or to communicate with The Ancestors etc? And why is it that a number of people in the past and today, claim to sometimes have had strange experiences at these places such as feeling a presence and seeing strange lights, Faerie beings and other unexplained sightings?

I believe The British Isles are the Ancient Mystical Isles of Legends past. The early Greeks and Sumerians wrote stories of distant lands and Mysterious Islands in the west.

All these are questions people like myself have been asking for decades and are keen to seek out the truth. I have spent many years studying and working with people who are very knowledgeable on these matters and I have learned much from them. I would be very happy to share my knowledge with you. So if you would like to walk in the footsteps of our ancestors in Cornwall or anywhere in Britain on a journey of discovery, I would be delighted to guide you.

See the Sacred Sites page for more details.

Nigel Breen.
Guide and Scholar of Western Esoteric Traditions and The Ancient Mysteries.

The Hurlers Stone Circle - Cornwall
The Hurlers Stone Circle - Cornwall

Please get in touch if you would like to arrange a tour or know more.

Nigel Breen - Glastonbury, Somerset, UK.


+44 (0)1458 831789 or +44 (0)7818 453017

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The Hurlers: Alan Simkins
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